50 stocks for long-term performance.

The Zacks Focus List, our flagship model portfolio managed by the Zacks Director of Research Sheraz Mian, represents our top 50 long-term investment ideas across the large and mid-cap US equities market.

Most Focus List stock selections include a comprehensive Equity Research Report that details the Zacks outlook for the stock.

With this special offer, you’ll receive Equity Research Reports on two stocks we believe will beat the market, so you can see the value of the Focus List for yourself.

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Beating the market for more than
28 years.

The Zacks Focus List has shown consistent outperformance for nearly 3 decades and continues to be trusted by advisors everywhere.

Building a better, longer lasting portfolio

The portfolio’s sector allocations follow the manager’s outlook for the individual sectors and the broader market. The choice of stocks for each sector is guided by the singular investment principle: buy great companies trading at a large margin of safety. The selected businesses are leaders in their field with well-established economic moats which drives long-term value creation.

The Focus List portfolio uses the Zacks Rank as one of the inputs in the stock selection process but given the portfolio’s low turnover and long holding horizon mandates, rating downgrades resulting from short-term earnings outlook weakness does not mean automatic deletion of the stock if the manager is satisfied with the long-term thesis.

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  • Quant equity research for an additional 3,500 smaller companies
  • Zacks Short Term Stock Rank for 4,000 companies
  • Zacks Buy, Hold, and Sell Recommendations for long-term investors
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