Why build ETF portfolios from scratch?

Save time and money with our affordable, effective models.

If you’ve avoided using ETF model portfolios because of the premium price, we can help simplify your workflow and save you money.

Advisor Tools offers a full range of ETF model portfolios to fit any risk/return profile, all at no additional cost. Now you can stop doing it yourself … or paying upwards of 25 basis points. Our proven ETF models can help you spend less time and less money implementing an effective ETF portfolio strategy.

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Stay Ahead of the Market

Our ETF Model Portfolios are another way Zacks Advisor Tools helps you prepare for what’s next in the market. Our future-focused tools, including the predictive power of the Zacks Rank, and our web-based terminal experience give you what you need to move your process ahead.

Zacks Advisor Tools offers:

  • Charting, screening, Excel reporting
  • Quantitative analysis tools
  • Qualitative equity research reports
  • Access to our proprietary equity model portfolios including the Earnings Certain Portfolio and Focus List
  • Mutual Fund rankings and performance

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