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For over 20 years we have provided superior-performing equity research to institutional investors. Our research has earned the respect of both institutional and individual equity investors due to our long history of quality and innovation.

Our stock research methodology represents a blend of quantitative and fundamental research, with analyst written research reports on approximately 1,100 stocks.

Please note: Zacks Analyst Models for 1,100 companies are available to all Bloomberg users, but a separate subscription is required to the access Zacks Research that supports these models.

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Analyst-written equity research for 1,100 major US companies and ADRs.

Most portfolio managers find that our Zacks Analyst Models provide part of the picture of why we believe a company is attractive or unattractive—but to get the complete picture, they want to read the Zacks Analyst Report.

Zacks Analyst Reports provide a Summary and Overview of the company, Zacks long-term recommendation for the company, our target price and a risk section for the associated course of action.

For all stocks, our analyst provides a “Reasons to Buy” and a “Reasons to Sell” section to assist investors with their decision making relative to their own portfolio needs. The analyst also provides a detailed analysis of each company's last earnings report.

The Zacks Focus List

In addition to our research reports, the Zacks Research Package on Bloomberg also includes our top-performing model portfolio, the Zacks Focus List. Stocks on the Focus List are hand-selected by Zacks’ Director of Research.

This approach has produced exceptional results: the Focus List has outperformed the S&P 500 for 18+ years, in all markets. The Focus List is reviewed each week, but because of its long-term outlook and quality of the stocks there is low turnover.

Zacks Research on Bloomberg also includes two widely-read market strategy reports:

Zacks Economic Outlook

Our monthly report on the most relevant economic topics, plus specific economic projections and asset class forecasts, is published by Zacks Chief Equity Strategist and Economist John Blank, PhD. Each issue provides abundant data and charts to illustrate the most relevant topics and events affecting the economy, as well as our latest economic projections and forecasts for future asset class returns.

Earnings Trends Analysis

For nearly three decades, portfolio managers have relied on our weekly Earnings Trends report. This report provides the most complete and up‑to‑date overview and analysis of evolving actual and reported of earnings by sector and sub-sector, forecasts of upcoming company earnings, and expert commentary.

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