Downside Protection. Steady Performance.
The Perfect Portfolios for Risk-Averse Clients

Some investors can take market swings in stride ... and some even like the thrill of risk. But for many clients, it's difficult to remain committed when the market takes a steep dive.

Our defensive Earnings Certain Portfolio (ECP) can help risk-averse clients get through inevitable downturns and volatile periods.

Here's a recent example: In 2022 the S&P 500 finished with a -18.09% return, but over the same period, the Earnings Certain Portfolio (ECP) posted a -8.26% return. In other words, the ECP outperformed the S&P by +9.83%.

Find out how our family of ECP portfolios can help risk-averse clients—and all clients—feel more confident and stay invested in the market.

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The "Earnings Certain" Concept

This idea was pioneered by Warren Buffett: Buy and hold companies that consistently compound capital and deliver profit growth through all market and economic cycles.

Investing in companies with superior capital allocation and whose businesses are isolated from macro forces minimizes the impact of recessions, interest rate risk, commodity price and currency fluctuations, geopolitical risk and other forms of macro risks to achieve steady cumulative and risk-adjusted returns over the long run.

We believe the Zacks Earnings Certain Portfolios should be held by individual investors as a core long‑term buy-and-hold portfolio, in up and down markets, and through all economic cycles.

Earnings Certain stocks historically outperform in down markets and underperform in up markets—but deliver better overall cumulative and risk‑adjusted performance than the S&P 500 over multiple market cycles.

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Our flagship Earnings Certain Portfolio offers 75 earnings stable companies you can use to construct portfolios that stand the test of time. This portfolio delivers strong, reliable performance that can withstand the ravages of a recession and perform in any economic climate.

Over the last 16 years, the cumulative return of the Earnings Certain Portfolio has strongly outpaced the S&P 500.**

In 2022, the ECP matched the S&P 500 upside, then offered significantly better downside protection.

Meet the other members of the Earnings Certain family.

Admiral Portfolio

Our 30-stock portfolio delivers performance that is nearly identical to the Earnings Certain Portfolio, and is easier to manage.

Dividend Portfolio

Our income-generating variation that includes higher yielding stocks with steady and historically rising dividends.

Economic Tilt Portfolio

This tilt portfolio includes stocks from sectors that are responsive to specific phases of the economic cycle such as Financials, Insurance, Real Estate, Energy, Utilities, Precious Metals, and Commodities.

(Note: These sectors are not part of our ECP portfolios.)

Bull Market Tilt Portfolio

Our high beta tilt portfolio, currently consisting of 6 stocks we believe will dramatically outperform during a bull market.

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