Inspire trust and confidence in your strategies.

Whether you're working with existing clients or new prospects, having a great plan is only the first step. Your reports will be the difference maker that leads to success.

Your reports must not only lay out the facts, they must also confirm your professionalism and bring to life the most important ideas you wish to convey.

Advisor Tools can help with our portfolio report software that makes it simple to create clear, great looking reports that include diversification, performance and risk charts and tables—and powerfully deliver the key arguments you need to convey.

Answer the most urgent questions your clients and prospects have.

Our portfolio report software enables you to produce highly customized charts and tables that communicate exactly what you want to say about the key issues including:

  • The precise reasons for poor performance in an existing portfolio
  • Why your proposed portfolio will not have the problems of an existing portfolio
  • Why your proposed portfolio is a better match for the prospect or client’s needs
  • How your proposed portfolio fared during historical market downturns versus an existing portfolio
  • How your proposed portfolio compares to a custom benchmark tailored to the prospect’s or client’s risk tolerance

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Printing, Exporting and Sharing Reports is Easier Than Ever.

Whether you want to review a hard copy in person, share on a video conference, or email a PDF of your portfolio report to a client or prospect, our portfolio analysis tools make it simple to generate professionally formatted PDFs of your work.

The look of the PDF aligns with what you see onscreen in Advisor Tools, and you can add a personal touch with your phone number and company logo to the report header.

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