Simplify Asset Allocation with the Zacks ETF Rank and ETF Model Portfolios.

If you assess client risk profiles as part of your asset allocation process, take a look at our full range of ETF model portfolios to fit any risk/return profile, all based on the proven Zacks ETF Rank.

Zacks ETF Rank accurately forecasts future performance.

Because we view ETFs primarily as instruments for asset allocation, it is essential that any recommendation scheme must combine the outlook for the underlying industry or asset class with the specific attributes of the individual ETF. That’s exactly what the Zacks ETF Rank does.

Our proprietary quantitative model provides a recommendation for each ETF in the context of our outlook for the underlying industry, sector, style box, or asset class. The Zacks ETF Rank also takes into account a number of fundamental and technical factors about the ETF, including expense ratio, holdings, yields and more.

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Save time. Save money.
Get the results you want.

Our professional clients understand that our ETF model portfolios can help them simplify their workload and save money. Even better, our model portfolios are ideal for many of the most important asset allocation tasks:

  • Build asset allocation strategies from the ground up
  • Get new ideas for existing strategies
  • Compare performance among similar ETFs in current allocations
  • Invest to achieve a variety of return and risk objectives
  • Seek to maximize returns while minimizing costs over the long term

Zacks offers effective, pre-built ETF model portfolios for every risk/return profile.

Build personalized retirement plans using Zacks Planners and our ETF research.

With Zacks Planners in Advisor Tools, you can collaborate with clients to develop truly personalized retirement plans. This easy‑to‑use planner incorporates our Monte Carlo Asset Allocation Tool to mediate your first client interaction and help you set the best debt/equity mix, using our full range of ETF model portfolios for any risk/return profile.

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  • Analyst-written equity research for 1,100 major U.S. companies and ADRs
  • Quant equity research for an additional 3,500 smaller companies
  • Zacks Short Term Stock Rank for 4,000 companies
  • Zacks Buy, Hold, and Sell Recommendations for long-term investors
  • Zacks predictive mutual fund ranks and sub-factor scores for 6,000 mutual funds
  • Analyst-written reports for 500 ETFs plus an additional 1,500 quant ETF reports